Communication and Recruitment

Michael Sandor & Associates is committed to recruiting people with the optimal skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that are aligned with client’s specific needs.

As a Service Provider, we understand that the success rests heavily on the delivery of customer service ‘best practice’, Michael Sandor & Associates’ client’s code of conduct, and communication. We believe that the achievement of success begins within the recruitment process.

Our recruitment strategy is to set base competencies for the role and profile relevant backgrounds to support our client’s key objectives. The candidate has to progress through a series of interviews and assessments. We take pride in the quality of our people, and in their commitment to your business.

Our employment conditions have been designed to provide strong incentives for our people, and, coupled with our company values and philosophies are aimed at fostering a positive and harmonious working environment for all our staff.

The objective of Michael Sandor & Associates is to provide best practice service to all clients in a timely, efficient and courteous manner. We target the following attributes/skills in selecting and recruiting personnel for the service:

  • Experience in Debt Collection and Commercial Litigation
  • Enhanced customer service and communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Complaint management skills
  • The ability to identify any customer-impacting problems immediately and report the problem for correction
  • Proactive in providing identified service improvements for our clients
  • Flexibility and adaptability to suit the evolving needs of clients
  • The ability to operate as “knowledge workers” and impart relevant information to all persons with whom they deal in a friendly and concise manner